Method of Information Therapy

There are numerous diseases that deplete people and the sufferers are
looking for other opportunities - herbalists, homeopaths, acupuncturists,
bio-energy specialists, yoga therapy specialists, and others. We offer a
kind of integral approach based on the field characteristics of organs and
systems of the body.

The essence of this method, which can be called Information Therapy, is
as follow. The basis is the hardware-software diagnostic system  "Intera-
DiaCor" (Photo 1), which records a set of various electrophysiological
characteristics of skin areas, reflexively connected at different
topographic levels with segments of the spinal cord (cervical, thoracic,
lumbar-sacral) and nerve plexus, through which nervous
(parasympathetic and sympathetic) regulation of internal organs is
carried out.

The device is specially designed and it holds a recorded database of
several thousand signals from a wide range of frequencies of different
systems of the body. In a sick person, the frequency spectrum, especially
from diseased organs, has completely different meanings.

Information Therapy restores the healthy indicators of electrical
conductivity and wave harmonics of all body systems.

The whole process of wellness procedures is reduced to the following

1) The information therapist initially diagnoses the patient -
determines the electrical signals and field characteristics of all body
systems and finds out which systems work with faults (whether
suppressed or excited). Duration of diagnosis lasts about 20 min.

2) Further, the therapist chooses for the patient the required set of
health codes (wave signals) that must harmonize all the cells of the
body in order to return them to the natural rhythm of healthy
functioning. Two typical diagrams of two typical subroutines are
shown below as an example in the following two figures. The
duration of this process is 1-2 hours.

3) Then the information therapist records down all the health codes on
to metal carriers (tin foot drops) and applies these metal drops (or
brass pin) to the patient's body with the help of a medical patch.

4) For a month the patient wears this metal chip on the body changing
from time to time the position of the chip attaching it with a fresh
band of patch.

5) For a patient living within hundreds / thousands of miles of a
therapist, we can offer a brass chip that the patient attaches to the
body using a medical patch. In his office, the therapist attaches
metal droplets to a small plate, which further plays the role of a
signal transmitter. This system remains in the therapist's file. From
the therapist's office, this system generates corrective signals to the
chip receiver attached to the patient's body. Even at a long
distance, the patient will receive these healing wave signals that will
push the body's systems very softly into healthy functioning every
second. In this case, the patient does not have to come to the
therapist on a monthly basis, since diagnostics and a signal
correction can be made from a distance.

6) Usually, the course of wellness procedures lasts for several months.
It should be noted that it was not yet the case that the proposed
method did not help someone. We even treat patients with very
severe cases.

This photo below shows the diagnostic procedure.

The next two photos show the chip receivers of the health wave signals
attached to the patient's.

As a rule, the patient experiences the results of informational treatment
within a month. Also, the caregivers can see improvements in the
patient's condition.

This is how the patient's body system becomes healthy. Usually, the
wellness procedures last for several months and ends in full recovery;
well, of course, if the patient adheres to a healthy lifestyle during the
procedures, i.e. a healthy diet and does not abuse bad habits.

Typical diseases at which Information Therapy can assist: the
various problems of old people related to the weakening of the mind;
cardiovascular diseases; sick kidneys; diseased liver; sick lungs; digestive
problems; genital problems; cancer; etc.

The proposed wellness procedures involve the
diagnosis and correction of the organism

On this page, we briefly talk about our Information Therapy program. That
is, we discard the subroutines that make up our treatment methodology.

1. Zonal measurements (the human chart)

The diagram on the left shows the patient's condition before starting
wellness procedures. All indicators are only dark, i.e. at the lowest level; this
is a chart of a lying old man after a stroke who has almost no signs of life.
The diagram on the right indicates the same patient after a three-month
course of information procedures. The man began to serve himself, walk
around the apartment and prepare food in the kitchen.

2. Organs - Auto

This subroutine is intended to determine the functional state of organs and
systems. The blue color in the bottom box indicates energy failure. The red
color in the middle indicates energy instability, voltage, over-excitation.
Green in the upper part indicates energy lability (that is, a healthy state).

This is the diagram of a patient before wellness procedures (left) and after a
three-month course of the therapy (right).

3. Integral indicators of the state of the basic functions of the body

This subroutine characterizes the general status of the basic functions that
support the life of the organism at certain levels. The corresponding Table is
a general criterion for the functional state of the organism.

The Table indicates the measurement of the status of major functions of a
patient before wellness procedures (left) and after a three-month course of
the therapy (right).

4. Electromotive force vector

This subroutine reflects the axis of polarization of the human body, its
direction and magnitude (the severity).

The chart on the left shows the weakness of the body and the opposite polar
orientation. After a three-month course of wellness procedures (the chart on
the right), the vector is almost correctly oriented and is in a healthy green

5. Metabolic balance

This subroutine evaluates the metabolic processes in the body. Metabolism is
a chemical reaction that arises from the moment the nutrients enter the
body until the final products of these reactions are released into the
environment. The metabolic process can be broadly divided into two
categories: anabolism and catabolism. Generally, anabolic reactions are
reductive. And the catabolic reactions are mainly oxidative and are
accompanied by the release of free energy.

The chart on the left shows that the patient is completely exhausted and his
metabolism is at zero. The chart on the right shows that three months of
wellness procedures were not wasted, the patient's body came to life in the
literal sense of the word.

6. Dr. Voll's method

This method gathers data on healthy functioning of about a hundred
indicators from different organs.

Voll's Ranking diagrams show how the organs function. During diagnosis (4
columns to the left), a healthy green color is practically absent. The first
column is the cumulative measurements in the 'Real' mode - an indicator of
the state of the sympatho-adrenal system. The second column is aggregate
measurements in the 'General' mode - an indicator of the state of the
autonomic nervous system. After three months of wellness procedures, the
functional state of the body's systems has improved significantly (4 columns
on the right), and appears in green.

7. Organs

This subroutine is used to reflect the interpretation of measurement data
from various major organs and their systems. The subroutine makes it
possible to estimate in dynamics the value of the total electrophysiological
parameters of "receptor susceptibility" (column A) and the total "membrane
potential of nerve fibers of the body (column B).
Measurements capture the total curves of susceptibility to exposure (A) and
reaction (B) activity of organs. The reactivity of organs is a very important
indicator because it shows the functional activity of nerve fibers that ensure
the healthy state of organs.
In the subroutine, we analyze the FDP (Fast Drop phenomenon) and the SDP
(Slow Drop Phenomenon) of current flowing through nerve fibers. These
indicators determine whether there is functional failure and whether there is
damage to the organ against the background of various toxic loads.
Reactivity is determined by 9-step graduation.
Below, for example, are charts of two organs - the brain and liver.

These charts show the state of the patient's brain reactivity before the
wellness procedures (left) and three months after the therapy (right). There
is a marked improvement in the state of reactivity.

These charts show the reactivity of the patient's nervous system before
wellness procedures (left) and three months after the therapy (right). The
improvement is obvious.


So, dear Reader, you see that our approach of the wellness procedures to
the patient is based on the measurement of the bio-electric energy and
functional indicators of the human body. We have collected and recorded
thousands of indicators from healthy people, functionally healthy organs and
systems, as well as indicators from the organs and systems of patients with
various diseases. The information is collected in a device named 'Intera-
DiaCor' (Ukrainian State Registration Certificate No. 3277/2004 of October
30, 2009). The available database makes it easy to bring to a healthy state
any organs of the human body.

In our approach, the orientation is made not to change the material state of
the organism, but to change its characteristics of bio-electrical and field
information signals.

Information Therapy does not harm the body at all, as we do not offer
any pharmacological drugs that treat one organ by 60% and mutilate
another by 40% (for example, antibiotics are known to be excreted after 842
days). In our approach there is no irradiation of organs, such as X-rays,
gamma rays, proton magnetic resonance, ultrasonic rays, etc., which during
diagnosis damage organs and kill numerous healthy cells.

Information Therapy is the wellness procedures of the future
century. But you can try it by yourself today.

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